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Wobbler – is a full-color laminated paper figure with a plastic fitting. It is either attached to a shelf/to the product itself at the point of sale/presentation. It attracts customers with its natural movements in the air which creates the effect of wobbling.

Mobiles (danglers) – is a type of point-of-sale advertising construction that is placed over the product, moves in the air-stream, and draws the attention of customers from a distance.
They can navigate the customer to the necessary department, or advertize a company, group of products, sales, special offers, discounts, etc.
We can design flat mobiles of different shapes, dimensional mobiles, and product models.

Shelf Talker – is a printed card or other sign attached to a store shelf to call buyers' attention to a particular product, action, brand, manufacturer, special offer, etc. displayed in that shelf.

Package unites a group of products, makes them more attractive, and noticeable among similar goods.
Our Printing House offers multiple size boxes of any shapes, manufacturing complexity, and materials.

Greeting Cards and Invitations can be of any size, folded and not, of individual format and design, design works being performed in our Printing House.
Post-printing works may include: lamination, creasing, die-cutting, stamping, UV-varnishing, selective or full surface coverage.

The price for this product is on the Price-List page of the web-site.

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