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Screen Printing Equipment

16 / 04 / 2013

New Opportunities of Post-Printing Processing in Kirov Regional Printing House!

A new complex for silk screen printing has been installed in our workshop. It enables to use different materials and reach the effect that no other type of printing can do.

One of the advantages of the method is obtaining a very bright, colorful image on practically any surface, including plastics. Unlike offset process silk screen printing can be performed not only on white paper, but also on any tinted paper without any complicated pre-printing works keeping high quality of the picture.

Another interesting opportunity is using metallic paints with natural effect imitating gold or silver. Metallic ink in screen printing tends to dry faster, comparing to offset printing which can be very important in case of urgent printing.

Paper varnishing is one of the most effective types of post-printing processes in screen printing. We can perform full surface coverage, selective, or decorative varnishing.

Fine varnish is spread on top of the surface covered. When dry this gives a gloss finish, helps protect the printing from minor scratches and abrasion, and gives the picture a better look for a long time. Varnish is applied in order to give a gloss finish to the manufactured product. Mat varnish has become especially popular lately. It gives the product a more sophisticated outfit, as well as a pleasant silky tactile perception. Selective varnishing is used by designers either to emphasize some peculiar elements of the product or to make a special glossy effect. The combination of different varnishes (mat and glossy) and paints creates a unique result.

Another type of varnishing is decorative varnishing. The varnish used for decorations contains different special additives – e.g. glitters. Glitter varnishes create holographic, pearly, rainbow and other effects. Glitters are often used for New Year greeting cards. Designers also use glitter varnishes to make various tactile effects, like sand, for example. Sometimes these effects are used in advertising and give the product a special look.

The size of the work surface is 60x90 cm which makes it possible to process any orders – calendars, postcards, posters and stands for outdoor advertisement.

The abovementioned products are just a small part of what silk screen printing enables you to create. UV light system we use dries the varnish almost instantaneously!

With the new equipment we propose individual approach to each client, creative approach to the product, time-efficient and quality performance!