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The history of Kirov Regional Printing House is over 200 years; that is why it is considered to be the “cradle of Russian printing”.
  The history of the Printing House dates back to the times of Yekaterina II, when it was officially opened “to print accounting books, orders and regulations, and forms for government agencies”. Later, Alexander Herzen, who was exiled to Vyatka for two years, made a soulful speech devoted to education and book printing. This speech formed the basis for the first literary work printed in Vyatka. And in 1838 Herzen’s articles appeared in the first Vyatka newspaper – Vyatka Provice Vedomosti.
  Since that time our Printing House has never stopped working even for a day; it worked in the revolution times, in the years of Great Patriotic War, when many evacuated papers would print their covering up to 150,000 copies, unique book series were published here as well. People who work in the Printing House are born professionals; their craft is passed through generations. It is one of the few companies with dynasty workers. Moreover, our workers regularly advance their skills. Our managers from Client Relations Department know each step of the production process, the peculiarities and technologies of all printing works, which helps them to reach high quality of customer service. The Printing House was granted many rewards and certificates at international and regional contests and exhibitions. Among them a diploma for Innovative Approach to Information Resource Creation, Golden Line 2007 Reputation and Expertise, rewards for High Quality of Book Printing and Preserving of Vyatka Cultural Heritage, BOOK. PRINTING. ADVERTISEMENT. specialized exhibition diplomas, Vyatka Chamber of Commerce and Industry rewards.
  100th Anniversary of Vyatka Province Printing House 1797-1897 reprinted edition was published to give an overview of history and development of printing craft in Russia.
  Throughout the years our Printing House has been in the constant state of production upgrade, learning offset and full-color printing, computer technologies. Historical experience and professional staff – that is what guarantees the performance of full range of printing works – from books and newspapers to leaflets and labels.

Client Relations Department

Коммерческий директор: Комышева Валентина Ивановна Marketing Director
Valentina Komysheva


Главный технолог: Предейкина Екатерина Васильевна Chief Process Manager
Yekaterina Predeykina


Технолог: Агафонова Марина Александровна Process Manager
Marina Agafonova
Технолог: Тихоненко Ирина Александровна Process Manager
Irina Tikhonenko


Технолог: Бабинцева Ксения Николаевна Process Manager
Ksenia Babintseva


Начальник отдела управления персоналом: Пивоварова Екатерина Алексеевна Personnel Manager
Yekaterina Pivovarova
Технолог: Черняускиня Валентина Николаевна Process Manager
Valentina Chernyauskina


Управляющий газетным производством: Мурина Марионелла Николаевна Newspaper Production Manager
Marionella Murina


Офис-менеджер: Гарифулина Ирина Office Manager
Irina Garifullina

Design Department

Дизайнер: Панагушин Сергей Николаевич Designer
Sergey Panagushin


Дизайнер: Васильева Людмила Олеговна Designer
Lyudmila Vasilyeva


Дизайнер: Лобанова Светлана Сергеевна Designer
Svetlana Lobanova



Luxel Vx-9600 CTP


Luxel Vx-9600 CTP is an extremely productive, high quality solution platesetter with internal drum imaging. Laser pen for optimum optics performance with wave length of 405 nm, plate size from 500x400 mm to 1160x960 mm, resolutions from 1200 dpi to 3657 dpi.



Листовая офсетная четырехсекционная печатная машина - Komori LITHRONE 420 A


LITHRONE 420А (KOMORI Corporation) is a 4-color offset press. Speed 13,000 sh/h, max. paper size 360x520 mm. Static remover on the feeder, optical sensor for sheet skew and ultrasonic sensor for double sheet, manual control for lateral setting and paper thickness.


Листовая офсетная четырехсекционная печатная машина - Ryobi 924


Ryobi 920 is a 4-color offset press. Speed 16,200 sh/h, min. paper size 410x290 mm, max. paper size 920x625 mm, paper thickness ranging from 0.04 mm onion skin to heavy 0.6 mm card stock. Advanced automated systems enable efficient job changeover: semi-RPC semiautomatic plate change, automatic blanket cleaning device, automatic ink roller cleaning device.


Рулонная офсетная газетная печатная машина Manugraph StarLine S-30


Manugraph StarLine S-30 is a web offset press. Speed 30,000 press-sheets per hour, chopping-off 578 mm, width 700-850 mm, and folding mechanism – up to A4. Printing unit configurations: 8А3 - 4+4; 16А3 - 4+2 и 1+2; 24А3 2+1.


Adast Dominant 715


Adast Dominant 714 is a single color printing offset press. Min. paper size310x330 mm, max. paper size 485x660 mm, paper thickness ranging from 0,03 to 0,45, min. paper weight 30 g/m2, max. paper weight 350 g/m2, number of color inks 1+0.



Rosback, США


203 Saddle Stitcher Book Binding System, Rosback, USA. Specifications: feeder sections – 6, max. production speed to 5000 B.P.H. - up to 4300 booklets/hr, book size from 102х178 mm to 292х381 mm, finished booklet 9.5 mm, stitching heads – 2. Dimensions, mm: U-configuration 3874х2108, Z-configuration - 5880х2108.


Одноножевая бумагарезальная машина Perfecta 115


Perfecta 115 One Knife Cutting System. Specifications: Width of the cutting table 1150 mm, max. height of the table 165mm, effective length of the back part of the table 1150 mm, min. residual band 20 mm, with pressure bar – 77 mm, number of cuts per pass, 1/min: 44, clamping pressure 2.5–45kN


C.P. Bourg Binder BB3000


C.P. Bourg Binder BB3000 is a single clamp perfect binder with milling, and book backbone roughing. Specifications: format A4+, cover thickness 80-250 g/m2, book thickness: 2 sheets until 45mm, book count 500 books/hour max with milling.


Кассетная фальцевальная машина MultiEffect


MultiEffect Paper Folding Machine. Specifications: 4 cassettes, continuous action drum feeder, max. paper size 1020х840 mm, min. paper size 120х135 mm, min. pleat length 36 mm, paper weight – 40-140 g/m2.


Листорезальная машина ЛР 120


LR 120 Paper Cutting Machine. Specifications: max. card weight 400 g/m2, min. paper weight 70 g/m2, max. paper width 1200 mm, min. paper width 100 mm, cutting length 52-1400 mm, number of cutting rolls 1 or 2, performance 1200-7200 sh/h, depending on the paper weight.


ВШРА Muller Martini 335


Muller Martini 335 Saddle Stitching Line is good for production of brochures, magazines, and advertisement booklets up to 10 mm thick.